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Our Sound

We manage to sound almost as if several other players, (bass, trumpet player and keyboard) were in the show with us.

A classical guitarist at heart, Toff. plays finger-style (without pick) which allows him to perform several musical elements simultaneously.
Independence of the fingers comes handy for playing walking bass, as Vive la Difference does not feature a Bass player.

The guitar

Toff. plays the Godin ACS Nylon Special Edition Light Burst Quilted Leaftop
It is a 2006 Multiac Nylon made by Godin in Canada and the US. These models represent the crème de la crème of the acoustic/electric guitar world and deliver superb results for nylon string guitars.

Visit Godin Guitars website

The synthesizers

The guitar feature Synth Access*, which allows Toff. to control synthesized (PCM) and modeled (virtual) sounds from a couple of synthesizers.
Below are the Roland GR-55 and the Roland GR-20 synthesizers currently used during live performances.

Roland GR-55

Roland GR-20

* Synth Access use the GK-standard 13-pin connector coupled with Piezos, to pass signal from the hexaphonic pickup to a device that can convert the audio into MIDI commands.

This usually involves a mix of various MIDI sounds and modeled guitars & Amps:

  • Electric or acoustic Bass sounds on the lowest 2 strings;
  • Keyboard sounds (acoustic piano, Rhodes, Wurlitzer or organ) on the remaining strings;
  • Additional layers are applied, such as strings sounds (violins) or more modern ones (waves, choirs ...).The mix is managed on the fly using an expression pedal.
  • The direct signal from the guitar is also modeled using virtual amps to reproduce sounds (depending on the song), such as:
    • Clean electric Jazz
    • Acoustic steel strings
    • Crunchy Blues
    • Distorted Rock
    • ...

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