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Why we sound bigger than we really are

Why we sound bigger than we really are

So, after listening to the band performing live, you are wondering where the hidden other performers were?
Undoubtedly, there is a Vive la Difference's sound, that makes our performances so unique.

We are often asked that question during our shows:

“How come you sound "bigger" than a duo?„

Because Vive la Difference does not feature a Bass player, Toff.'s finger-style abilities and chord substitutions are put to extreme use to compensate for it.
We also do not have a soloist to perform on top of Toff.'s rhythmic, which could make it even harder.

Still, we manage to sound almost as if a Bass player, a Trumpet player and a Keyboard player were in the show with us.
We produce that uniquely crafted sound using a mix of traditional instruments and modern technology to bring bass, organs, pianos, strings and brass to the party.

Guitar Synth

By operating a synthesizer through his classical guitar, Toff. produces the sounds of several instruments at once; virtual amps give more typical electric guitar feel to the nylon strings.

The synthesizer allows him to control synthesized and modeled (virtual) sounds during live performances.

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Toff.'s vocal & guitar gear

Vocal harmonies

Hear a few too many singers during our performance?
We have had several comical situations where members of the audience would reach behind the band and try to locate the 'hidden' singers.

No, it's not Andrew, and you are not hearing 'voices'. Well... You are, but it's perfectly normal. Toff. uses a harmonizer to add up to 4 backup vocals (male or female) based on his own voice and the current guitar pitch.
Mixing his voice and the added ones is done during play using a floor pedal. So when you see him 'dance' and stomping his feet do not mock him for his bad moves!

The third instrument

Oh, and let's not forget Toff.'s unique mouth-trumpet!

If you have listened to us perform, you certainly noticed this particularity:
Toff. produces a trumpet sound using his own voice, for soloing.

This ability came at a very young age, while learning guitar. Being a cheeky parisian boy, he probably created it trying to annoy someone, or impress some girls with a party-trick, or both!

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Andrew has an extensive range of sounds and technique from European, African and Middle Eastern styles.
He uses drum kit and percussions simultaneously during performances, giving more amplitude to his style and easy transition between genres within a song.
An experienced and inventive drummer, Andrew has control over the emotion that comes through the beat and a sense of what is best at any given moment.

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